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With all the fandom auctions going on to aid Japan in their earthquake relief efforts, there's a multitude of new fanworks bound to be produced, and a boatload of donations piling in. AND THAT'S AWESOME. There are all sorts of authors and artists offering their services for charity, and we give them two thumbs up and a big HELLS YEAH for that. Here, we're doing something a little different.

The idea's simple. Just comment with a list of fics you've always wanted from fandoms that get less attention, or ships and pairings that don't get as much love. If someone can write 1k words about any of your fandoms/pairings, you donate $5 to the charity of their choice. Then you get your fic.

That's it.

$5 = 1k words of your dream fic.


  • Request limit: FOUR FICS. When you fill another prompt (confirmation received, story posted), you can request another. As long as you keep filling, you can keep requesting. If no one is filling your original prompts after 3 days, PM myself or juniperlane and we'll work something out.

  • Fill limit: NONE. However, please be realistic. Since confirmation comes before the fill, please don't over-extend yourself. Only sign up for as many prompts as you can reasonably fill. If that's 10, that's awesome. If that's 1, THAT'S STILL AWESOME. Also, you do not have to submit requests to sign up to fill prompts.

  • Donation limit: NONE. Baseline donation is $5/1k words. If you can donate more, that's awesome, but you're absolutely under no obligation to do so. A higher donation does not mean you get more fic, though if your writer wants to write more, they're obviously welcome to do so.

  • FILL DEADLINE: APRIL 10, 2011 We're running on the same schedule as help_japan, so the auction will close on March 26th, with all fills to be finished and posted no later than 2 weeks after that, 04/10/11. If there are extenuating circumstances, talk to your prompter and work something out. If you flake out after the donation's been made, dogs will chase after you in the streets. (See ETA4 below for further deadline details.)

  • Approved charities: We're going to completely bogart help_japan's list (found here), but if the person filling your prompt has a specific request, please work it out with them.

  • This is my personal journal, and while I love you all and don't want to squash your squee, please keep the threads clear and specific to bidding. I reserve the right to delete lonely or misplaced comments. If you think a prompt is awesome, feel free to let that person know via their personal journal.

  • If you have any other questions, ask here.

Lastly: it's impossible for us to completely enforce the rules here. Once a donation's made, we can't crawl through the tubes and slap a writer who doesn't fill their prompt. So please: don't be dicks. Claim what you can write, fill what you claim, and have fun and raise a bunch of money for people who need it.

ETA1: Pending donation confirmations, the tally right now stands at $890. Please remember to confirm donations here or at the confirmation thread and THANKS SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING. Great job, guys!


ETA2: I've set up a WFR Donation Confirmation Page where writers/artists can let us know when they've received confirmation from their prompter. Or please comment in your claims thread and let us know when you've received donation confirmation. There will be another post closer to the fill deadline where prompters can notify us if claims have not been filled as of April 10.

ETA3: Be sure to check out the WRF Finished Works Archive to see all the awesome fanworks people have been producing!
Writers/Artists, don't forget to link to your works once they're finished so we can add to the list!

ETA4: End date for this fundraiser is 3/26. Because bidding at help_japan will continue until 3/31, threads will be kept open at the discretion of the prompters. If you're interested in filling a prompt, contact the prompter to see if they're still interested in donating for your work.

ETA5: Because ishie is a BAMF, she put together a list of all unclaimed prompts, organized by fandom. Check it out at her journal.

Use the code below for each of your prompts. All prompts in one comment, please, with the requested fandoms in the title of your comment:

WRITE FOR RELIEF IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Posting deadline was April 10, so prompters, if you haven't gotten your fills, please check this post for further details/assistance.

help_japan | Paradox UNICEF Donation Page | WFR Donation Confirmation Page | WRF Finished Works Archive
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